A stone at the cost of blood, A review on the movie “Blood Diamond”

The avarice that we as humans have possessed in regards to precious stones has been apart of our very nature for hundreds of years. Whether it be deposits of gold, silver, topaz, jade or diamond, earth minerals with either widespread application or visual appeal have been fought over time and time and with grave consequence to those who are indigenous to the area and found no need for them. This trend is blatantly apparent in the pursuit of diamonds in Africa by many Western corporations seeking yet another means of making the wealthy wealthier. The movie Blood Diamond does an exceptional job in capturing the destructive effects of the pursuit of diamonds in Africa upon not only its economy but essentially the lifestyles and social hierarchy of African peoples. Control over diamond deposits means the more currency one shall receive and thus military warlords utilize their own forces to secure Diamonds and see them at their own leisure. The establishment of a military culture and the total social degrading effects of the diamond trade were made explicitly clear to the audience. The movie also proved to be a fantastic combination of history, action, and societal analysis. The actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou were especially well picked for their roles. Djimon’s emotional scenes were indeed tear worthy and believable in a movie that conveying emotion was key to getting the point across. Throughout the movies plot one feels a variety of emotion ranging from rage to sadness. This movie definitely did not disappoint me in terms of content both in historic terms as well as in terms of plot. The realities of the diamond trade pointed out in this movie were extremely effective in conveying the movies purpose as well as sticking to the designed plot revolving around Hounsou’s character. I would most definitely recommend this movie to anyone interested in watching something related to Western effects on African culture.

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