A review on “Nanking”

Among all the things anyone ever refers to when discussing WWII, the rape of Nanking is usually not as well understood or as infamously known as compared to the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Despite this lack of common awareness, the suffering of the Chinese people in the city of Nanking at the hands of the forces of Imperial Japan was a very explicit reality. Thousands of people be they young, old, children, and even the elderly were subject to not only general mistreat by Japanese forces but also were the victims of numerously reported sexual offenses giving the atrocities that occurred in Nanking the infamous title of “The Rape of Nanking”. This documentary through the use of several primary sources that ranged in origin from Chinese refugees to Japanese officers. However; the documentary primary relied on the views of outside observes or humanitarian workers who were present at the time and switching over to sources of Chinese survivors and otherwise to add in the extra emotional “hmph”. The video was quite obviously a strongly western work. This was especially true toward the end of the documentary where you have Chinese sources thanking the Westerners for their assistance and acts of “heroism” during their time of need. The excerpts they chose to share in the video did not seem overly compelling but they did serve the purpose of conveying the heinous nature of the topic. Especially when the women was sharing the story of her own rape to which she “consented to” in order to save her family from being slaughtered. Similarly, the account of the man recollecting the death of his mother with his brother on her bosom was a compelling story to say the least. The documentary’s historical perspectives and analyses were indeed sound and placed well between the descriptive sources. Although the order in which sources were presented seemed to get me a bit mixed up at times. Also several of the people chosen to read the sources were maybe not the greatest choices in terms of acting/emotional conveyance. Conveying emotion was indeed a considerable problem for them which detracted from moments that if they had possessed such emotion I would have gone on to rate this documentary with an especially higher regard then expresses here. This was the first video I have ever scene in regards to Nanking so in terms of comparing it to other analyses of the same topic I find my self unable to do so. For the topic matter it was indeed decent and mist definitely worth anyone’s time to watch. Especially if that person possesses little knowledge in regards to the rape of Nanking, which I feel is indeed an event that is of considerable worth for recognition.

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