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A stone at the cost of blood, A review on the movie “Blood Diamond”

The avarice that we as humans have possessed in regards to precious stones has been apart of our very nature for hundreds of years. Whether it be deposits of gold, silver, topaz, jade or diamond, earth minerals with either widespread application or visual appeal have been fought over time and time and with grave consequence […]

A review on “Nanking”

Among all the things anyone ever refers to when discussing WWII, the rape of Nanking is usually not as well understood or as infamously known as compared to the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Despite this lack of common awareness, the suffering of the Chinese people in the city of Nanking at the hands of […]

Infamous medicine, A review on a the documentary “Nazi Medicine”

The stigma attached to the National Socialist (Nazi) Party of Germany and the atrocities they committed during WWII is one of the most infamous and commonly shared of any stigmas that exists within human society today. Personally, I traverse the path to becoming a microbiologist I have devoted my life to one of science. And […]

Case Study Analysis Project of MSF involvment in the Zaire and Tanzanian Refugee camps following the Rwandan genocide in 1994-1995. Created by: William Rodriguez, Nicco Baratto, and Kevin Evangelisto


The Congo Wars, Ambiguous in Ideology yet Clear in Slaughter; A brief review of Jason K. Stearns “Dancing in the Glory of Monsters”

This was the first book I have ever read upon the topic of the Congo wars and to be completely honest I had absolutely no idea of the violence prior to this text. I also was completely unaware of Jason Stearns involvement in the research of the central African conflicts as well as being a […]

An attempt at bringing reality to consciousness, A review of Philip Gourevitch’s We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families

What separates us from the reality of genocide? This question by far is what I felt was desperately being grasped at throughout Gourevitch’s work. The question of whether or not peoples of distant lands can ever truly sympathize with the horrors of genocide far from them has been the primary defendant of the “it never […]

A short analysis of Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz

Survival is considered one of the most powerful abilities of humanity. Whether it is jumping off a cliff to avoid a charging animal or simply taking a bit out of a sandwich for lunch, by any means we sustain ourselves. But what of when we face each other; does ones sole survival take precedence over […]

(Rough/Possible) Abstract For FSEM Paper

From as early as the the spread of the black plague (Yersinia Pestis) to the weaponization of the Anthrax bacterium (Bacillus Anthracis), much of warfare and the home-front alike across history have suffered at the hands of organisms that remain hidden to the unaided eye. Since its conception, microbiology has sought to gain a better […]

A Sickle to Butcher the Weak and a Hammer to Crush the Strong, A review and impressions of Timothy Snyder’s novel “Bloodlands” Chapters 1-5

Timothy Snyder along with several other colleagues and archival sources have put together in this book what I would consider to be an accurate and well devised interpretation of the events that occurred in eastern Europe under the influence of Stalin’s Soviet union to the East and Hitler’s Nazi Germany to the west. Snyder’s thought […]

“A Genocide that Never Happened” Views and Reactions to Donald Bloxham’s The Great Game of Genocide

History is written by the victors-Winston Churchill, Donald Bloxham’s The Great Game of Genocide is by far the most detailed account about the atrocities that occurred in the Republic of Turkey (formerly the Ottoman Empire) against the orthodox christian Armenians I have ever had the opportunity to read. Prior to reading this text, I was […]