Monthly Archives: December, 2014

A stone at the cost of blood, A review on the movie “Blood Diamond”

The avarice that we as humans have possessed in regards to precious stones has been apart of our very nature for hundreds of years. Whether it be deposits of gold, silver, topaz, jade or diamond, earth minerals with either widespread application or visual appeal have been fought over time and time and with grave consequence […]

A review on “Nanking”

Among all the things anyone ever refers to when discussing WWII, the rape of Nanking is usually not as well understood or as infamously known as compared to the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Despite this lack of common awareness, the suffering of the Chinese people in the city of Nanking at the hands of […]

Infamous medicine, A review on a the documentary “Nazi Medicine”

The stigma attached to the National Socialist (Nazi) Party of Germany and the atrocities they committed during WWII is one of the most infamous and commonly shared of any stigmas that exists within human society today. Personally, I traverse the path to becoming a microbiologist I have devoted my life to one of science. And […]